MLS IT Solution has been providing small, medium and enterprise businesses SharePoint Services in order to help companies achieve their business goals and growth. SharePoint Solutions provides an innovative platform which enhances end user collaboration and productivity as well as promoting company wide knowledge and expertise.

SharePoint Solutions is a perfect platform to enhance your business’ intranet, providing bespoke document and knowledge management systems, to support evolving and expanding business operations. Our team is here to discuss a SharePoint Solution tailored to specifically meet your business needs.

MLS IT Solution Expertise

Our Team have been providing SharePoint Services for 15 years
Our team consist of 4 Microsoft SharePoint Experts
We have completed a multitude of SharePoint projects, for small medium and enterprise clients, throughout a variety of industry sectors.

How Can We Assist you with Your SharePoint Development?

MLS IT Solution provides a full range of services, to assist your business with your SharePoint Solution, throughout every step of the process :

SharePoint Consulting

MLS IT Solution Team can assist you no matter what stage your business is currently at. Whether you require full planning and development, assistance with implementation, or fine tuning to achieve the best possible SharePoint solution, that fully fits your business needs, we are here to help.

If you are still unsure about what services you need, or how you should progress with your SharePoint Solution, talk with our consultants for free. Let us know what challenges you are facing, and we can help you find the solution.

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  • Create

  • Facilitate

  • Adopt

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We can help you solve your business challenges, and SharePoint issues by providing your business with the following SharePoint Consultancy Services :

Sharepoint Solutions
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SharePoint Development

MLS IT Solution can assist your business to develop a new SharePoint Solution, or optimize, or modify your existing solution. Whatever your business needs and challenges, we are here to help you in completing the project on time and within budget. Our team are experienced in both cloud and on-premise SharePoint Solutions, and have been dedicated to providing businesses with the following development services :

  • Our team can develop a new SharePoint Solution for your business or create additional tailored features to enhance your existing platform. In doing so our team can help your business increase your platform’s capabilities, resulting in enhancing your organizational processes and strategic goals.
  • Our team will resolve any technical problems that are present in your current solutions, that may affect employee and business performance. Instances could include over-complicated site structures, heavy architecture, or lack of custom features. Our team will meet your business needs whether your system requires a full redesign or just fine tuning!
  • Our team will help you achieve integration with all your valuable enterprise systems, to ensure smooth processes, workflows and end user engagement.
  • Our team will ensure your solution fits with your company’s culture and branding, making your SharePoint Solution unique to your business and needs.
  • Our team guarantees your solutions performance and quality, with our professional testing team thoroughly examining every aspect of your solution, to ensure your solutions reliability and functionality, throughout the future growth of your business, for many years to come.
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SharePoint Migration

Our team is experienced in providing full support to businesses wishing to migrate from their current solution.

Migration Services                                                                                        Benefits
Migration to newer version of SharePoint Enhanced Development Capabilities  , Expand on Features, Improve End User Experiences
Migration to SharePoint Online & Office 365 Wider User Accessibility , Enable more Collaborative Tools, Simplify System Maintenance
Hybrid Migration Enhance On-Premise & Cloud Environments

At MLS IT Solution, we pay particular attention to Enabling your employees to improve their performance and achieve their work goals, more efficiently by :  

  • Implementing advanced tools to facilitate end users work activities.
  • Improving the performance of your SharePoint Solution, by evaluation your end users working style and ensuring the speed and reliability of your solution.
  • Optimizing your solution and reducing maintenance costs and support, ensuring the least disruption possible to your business infrastructure during the migration process.
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MLS IT Solution Maintenance & Support Services

Out SharePoint Consultants and Developers are on hand to offer the highest quality maintenance and support services, to ensure your SharePoint Solution is operating to its maximum efficiency. Our team are experienced in all versions of SharePoint, and are ready to provide your business with the following support :

  • MLS IT Solution will put our 15 years of experience into practice and provide you with our expert technical support, on any complex issue that may arise.
  • Our team will explore any issues that arise with your SharePoint Solution and provide solutions, that will prevent reoccurrence of technical problems, ensuring a reliable smooth running platform.
  • We are acutely aware of the cost of interruptions with your businesses infrastructure, and we endeavor to fix any issue with your solution, with as little interruption to your business operations and in the fastest time frame possible.
  • We provide technical support to small, medium and enterprise clients, and offer tailored packages to meet your business’s budget and requirements.
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SharePoint Health Check

Preventative measures by providing a health check of your current SharePoint Solution in order to ensure your platform is performing efficiently and reliably, to the advantage of your end users. To ensure your SharePoint solution is performing at its very best our health check service includes a specialist assessment and monitoring of your solution by executing :

  • Compliance Checking against Microsoft recommended rules.
  • Content Quality Assessment
  • Detecting Custom Application Exceptions
  • Page Load-Time Analysis.
  • Custom Application Code Review

Once our team has completed our in-depth health check of your Solution, we will provide you with accurate reporting of any issues found and recommended solutions.

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MLS IT Solution Team is committed to delivering businesses a fully functional, reliable, tailored solution to meet businesses goals and growth strategies. Not only do we deliver you a powerful SharePoint Solution, but we value our clients and relationships and endeavor to provide businesses with the very best technical support and maintenance services

What SharePoint Challenges does your company face? Talk to our experienced consultants to see if we can help you to find a solution.

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