JavaScript enables the creation of dynamic content on websites and is primarily used for client-side development. Additionally, it can also serve as a speedy server-side language for building entire applications when powered by Node.js.

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The Power Behind Dynamic Websites

JavaScript is a vital programming language for web development that is extensively used throughout the world. It enables the construction of interactive features on websites, increasing the web’s dynamic and engaging nature. Web developers rely on JavaScript as a critical tool regardless of the project’s complexity, whether it’s a tiny personal blog or a major e-commerce site.

Why TECI as a JavaScript Development Company

  • Ten years of expertise providing JavaScript programming services.

  • 95% of our projects make use of JavaScript.

  • On average, our engineers have years of JavaScript expertise.

  • Extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, machine learning, IoT, and big data.

  • Processes for project/team management and mature development procedures.

Our Development Skills

Our Code Quality Practices in JavaScript Development

  • According to the JavaScript style guide.

  • Making names for code variables that are descriptive.

  • Commenting on what certain code functions and methods perform.

  • In final README file, document what the code does and what its dependencies are.

  • Organizing code into small, focused pieces.

  • Framework APIs and third-party libraries are used.

  • Unit tests are included.

  • Maintaining code portability.

  • Employing version control.

  • Using lint removal tools (SonarQube, ESLint.).

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