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The SharePoint portal is a web-based platform that enables organizations to manage, store, and share information and documents within the organization as well as with external stakeholders. It is a collaborative tool that facilitates employee collaboration by providing a centralized location for employees to access information, communicate with colleagues, and complete tasks. SharePoint portals can be tailored to an organization’s specific requirements and can include features such as document management, task lists, calendars, discussion boards, and workflows. The platform is accessible from any device with an internet connection, allowing employees to work remotely while remaining connected to their team.

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How SharePoint Portal Development Benefits to Your Enterprise

Choose Your Optimal Sharepoint Portal

We prioritize our customers’ business objectives and tailor the platform to their specific organizational requirements using SharePoint’s capabilities. To assist our customers in overcoming various collaboration challenges, we design, personalize, test, and maintain SharePoint intranets and extranets for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

SharePoint internal Portal

We are experts in creating custom SharePoint intranets that promote collaboration and streamline internal business processes. Our strategy is to carefully balance SharePoint features that improve work activities with those that encourage social interactions, engage employees, and reinforce corporate values. We offer users a comprehensive toolkit to help them work more efficiently and effectively, while also incorporating social features that foster a sense of community and promote a dynamic workplace culture.

SharePoint HR Portal

We create HR-focused portals that help businesses with recruitment, onboarding, employee management, request handling, and policy compliance. Our SharePoint HR portals act as a centralized repository for templates, documents, and forms that HR and other teams can access, giving employees a one-stop-shop experience. Our SharePoint HR portal includes gamification features such as badges, leaderboards, and more to boost employee motivation and promote healthy competition.

SharePoint B2B Portal

We help businesses build strong relationships with their vendors and business partners by developing secure B2B portals based on SharePoint. Our portals enable secure collaboration among internal and external users on a single platform, allowing them to collaborate on various types of content, stay up to date on ongoing projects, collaborate to complete tasks more efficiently, and benefit from co-innovation.

SharePoint Customer Portal

MLSITS specializes in SharePoint consulting and customer experience management, providing medium and large-scale businesses with customer portals. Our customer portals, which are built with both standard and customized SharePoint features, offer a personalized and seamless B2C communication experience. Businesses can easily engage customers, personalize interactions, and address their specific needs with relevant services and products using our portals.

SharePoint Learning Portal

We are experts in developing SharePoint learning portals that streamline internal and external learning processes. These portals offer a wide range of learning materials, training sessions, learning analytics, and competence management capabilities to users. Organizations can use these learning portals to efficiently manage all learning activities, implement personalized training programs, manage employee development, and cultivate their unique skills and knowledge.

SharePoint Community Portal

We create comprehensive portals for both internal and external communities that bring together people with similar expertise, knowledge domains, or interests. When developing community portals, we prioritize features that promote effective content management, facilitate communication among power users, and foster community member engagement on a collaborative platform.

SharePoint Knowledge Management Portal

MLSIT specializes in the development of knowledge management solutions based on our proprietary framework. Our portals are intended to assist organizations in improving their business operations by leveraging both explicit and tacit knowledge. Our solutions can be used to support enterprise-wide or targeted knowledge management programs. Organizations can use SharePoint-based technology to continuously enrich their knowledge base, which can then be used to drive business success and improve service and product quality, giving them a competitive advantage.

SharePoint Solutions

Prioritizing Key Components of a SharePoint Portal

Full-Cycle Services for Your SharePoint Portal

We walk our clients through the entire process of creating a SharePoint portal, from conception to implementation, and then maintain it on an ongoing basis. Our comprehensive SharePoint services are intended to help you with a wide range of SharePoint-related issues.

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