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SharePoint, as a Content Management System (CMS), aids in the organization and management of corporate documents, records, media assets, and web content from creation to archiving.

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Sharepoint CMS

SharePoint Content Management System

SharePoint is a content management system that has been named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms for the past four years and will be again in 2020. It is used as a CMS, DMS, or intranet by over 250,000 businesses worldwide. Because of its seamless integration with Office 365, support for various content types, formats, and languages, advanced document management features such as real-time collaboration, and strong data security, SharePoint has become a popular choice for enterprise content management.


Centralized document repository

Our system supports a wide range of file formats, including common file extensions like.docx,.pdf,.pptx,, as well as less common file extensions like.odt,.ods,.xlsb, and.ppsx.

Indexing and metadata

To make it easier to categorize, archive, search, and retrieve documents, they are tagged based on their content and filled-in metadata such as title, author, type, and modification date.

Document IDs

To differentiate documents in SharePoint CMS, unique identifiers are assigned to each one.

Enterprise search

Users can search for documents using the SharePoint content management system and integrated systems such as ERP, CRM, and intranet by name, metadata, and full text. Relevance can be used to filter and rank search results.

Document categorization

Configuring shared preferences for specific document types such as contracts, presentations, manuals, process maps, and specifications.

Document workflows

SharePoint enables the creation, tracking, and collaboration on document-related processes such as routing documents for feedback, approvals, or signatures directly from Office applications.

Real-time collaboration on documents

Multiple users edit a document at the same time.

Alerts and notifications

Notifications, such as the creation or update of a document or the completion of an approval workflow, as well as alerts, such as document approval deadlines or contract expiration, are automatically sent to the appropriate users.

Document templates

SharePoint CMS includes pre-designed templates for creating common document types such as letters, contracts, policies, and invoices.

Hybrid SharePoint Farm with Microsoft 365

Sharepoint farm with microsoft 365

Examples of Using SharePoint for Content Management

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