AWS is an abbreviation for Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. AWS offers a number of services that enable consumers and businesses to run programs and store data in the cloud. Computing power, database storage, content distribution, and other features that may be utilized to develop scalable and dependable applications are examples of these services. AWS has grown in popularity among organizations and developers seeking to reap the benefits of cloud computing, such as flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

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Migration to AWS

To minimize resource needs and maintain maximum performance of your AWS infrastructure, TECI develops a viable migration strategy and assists in the migration process.

AWS app development

TECI designs cloud architectures and CI/CD pipelines using Amazon services such as AWS CodeBuild, CodePipeline, and CodeDeploy to enable quick development and safe deployment of robust applications in AWS.

Amazon Web Services optimization

TECI evaluates your Amazon infrastructure and discovers improvement options in order to:

  • Minimize the use of superfluous resources.
  • Allow your AWS setup to manage big workloads efficiently.

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The Worth of TECI’s AWS Consulting Services

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