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SharePoint Intranet is a company website built on SharePoint technology that allows employees to collaborate, communicate, and access important company information and resources such as documents, news, and events. It acts as a centralized hub for company-wide communication and boosts productivity by providing a centralized platform for sharing information and resources within the organization.

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Sharepoint intranet

Sharepoint Intranet Classic VS Modern Perspective

All-Inclusive SharePoint Intranet Services

We create enterprise portals that are tailored to your specific business environment, collaboration style, working pace, and corporate values. Our goal is to use SharePoint and Office 365 features to build a robust set of tools that will allow your employees to stay productive from any location and on any device.

Our SharePoint intranet consulting services are designed to provide tailored solutions that are in line with your company’s industry-specific requirements and business operations. We help you choose the most relevant features that add value to your company and employees. Our team provides consultation on a variety of SharePoint-related issues, such as intranet deployment, performance, content governance, and user adoption.

We offer architecture design services to help you create and implement the best SharePoint architecture for your intranet, ensuring stable and error-free performance. Our services enable structured storage and easy access to intranet content, saving users time when looking for important information.

We create SharePoint intranets that are not only feature-rich but also user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing.

Our specialty is customizing intranets. We offer customized features to help you align SharePoint intranets with your organizational structure, business processes, and employee preferences.

Our skilled testing team will thoroughly examine your intranet and identify any potential problems, no matter how minor, that may impact the functionality of the solution.

We provide SharePoint intranet support and maintenance to ensure smooth performance and strong security. In addition, we provide training to SharePoint administrators, developers, and end users to ensure the solution’s successful implementation.

Site Architecture in SharePoint and Microsoft 365

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