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In recent years, cloud-based solutions have become increasingly popular among organizations and businesses, thanks to significant advancements in internet speeds, accessibility to data, and the high level of security features that are built into these services.

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Microsoft Azure – the Cloud for modern business

TECI provides Microsoft Azure consulting services to assist businesses in effectively adopting and utilizing Azure cloud services. Its services include Azure migration, Azure-based development, and Azure environment optimization services.

What services does Microsoft Azure offer?

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of solutions and products that can benefit organizations, but some of the most advantageous services for almost every company include:

Backup and Restore

Azure Backup is one of the most basic services provided by Azure and is a great way for organizations to get started with cloud technology. It is used primarily for backing up files and data, ensuring that your data and applications are protected no matter where they are stored. With Azure Backup, individual files and folders can be quickly and easily restored with just a few clicks.

Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery is a cost-effective solution that enables in-house servers to instantly “fail-over” to the Azure Cloud service in a disaster recovery situation if the local server is impacted. This service can be used for hours, days, weeks, months, or even permanently. Azure Site Recovery requires a small monthly fee to run in the background, and the cost only increases if you need to use the data in a disaster recovery situation. This service can be a cost-effective way for organizations to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster.

Hybrid Server Solution

Azure Hybrid Cloud is a solution that allows organizations to consolidate servers by retaining some services in-house on a small physical server that provides important local functions such as domain authentication, networking, and print services. The remaining functions and data can be retained in Azure, providing greater accessibility and disaster recovery capabilities while minimizing both capital expenditure and maintenance in-house. This solution allows organizations to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing while retaining some control over their on-premises infrastructure.

Virtual Server

Offering everything you need to run your business without the need for an on-site server, it is adaptable and expandable as your needs evolve, but it is not suitable for everyone.

Software Apps

This is a reference to Azure App Service, a fully managed platform that allows organizations to rapidly design, deploy, and scale web, mobile, and API apps on any platform. The service handles infrastructure upkeep, allowing developers to focus on their apps rather than maintaining servers or infrastructure.

Azure Cloud Services

That’s correct! Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of cloud services to help organizations meet their business challenges. It provides hosted and managed versions of Microsoft’s proprietary technologies and open technologies, allowing users to build, manage, and use applications on Microsoft’s global network using industry-standard tools and frameworks. Azure also provides a scalable infrastructure that allows organizations to quickly and easily deploy applications and services on demand without having to invest in expensive hardware and infrastructure.

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What Azure Consulting Provides

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