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Big data is a term used to describe extraordinarily big and complicated data collections that cannot be handled or analyzed using typical data processing tools and methodologies. Big data also refers to the technology, tools, and processes that are utilized to handle, store, and analyze such huge data collections.

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Big Data Services

We work with businesses at every stage of their journey to extract value from data and transform it into actionable insights, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage. TECI provides a variety of big data services, including consultancy, installation, support, and big data as a service.

Data Ingestion

Our skills aid in the discovery of viable data sources and the development of a strong Data Ingestion method for collecting, ingesting, and managing diverse data sources.

Data Storage

Our Data Storage experience involves designing scalable data warehouses and data lakes to store and retrieve data effectively.
Database expertise, different tech stacks, and database models such as Graph, Search, Columnar, and Timeseries guarantee that we select the best possible solution for your use case to make data available quickly and in the correct manner.

Data Pipeline

Our skilled data engineering teams provide Data Pipelines with integrated quality checks to handle stream (real-time) or batch (historical) data to manage the amount, diversity, and velocity of data.

BI & Analytics

Business also uses our BI and Analytics capabilities to create interactive and self-service dashboards for consuming and visualizing data in order to draw insights for better decision making.

We use common BI tools or create our own to meet the demands of the enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence

With our Artificial Intelligence practice, businesses may create unique models to automate decision making.

Solutions for Predictive Analytics

Our data predictive analytics solutions are essential for your organization to examine the future of your business, calculate the risks associated with each business move, and enable the proper decision-making.

Real-Time Analytics on Big Data

How Our Big Data Services Can Benefit Your Company

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