Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that operates on an open-source, cross-platform basis, executing JavaScript code server-side. It enables developers to construct network applications that are fast, scalable, and effective, utilizing JavaScript. Node.js is established on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, rendering it suitable for developing real-time applications, including chat applications, online games, streaming applications, and others.

In addition to its event-driven architecture, Node.js includes a rich library of modules that simplify the development of server-side applications. It also provides a package manager, npm, which streamlines the installation and management of additional modules.

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The Power Behind Dynamic Websites

Many prominent corporations, including Netflix, Walmart, and PayPal, use Node.js, which has a flourishing developer community that contributes to its advancement and generates a vast array of packages and tools to bolster the platform.


  • Ten years of web development experience

  • Ten years of experience developing complicated cloud applications such as SaaS and big distributed business systems.

  • Computer vision, machine learning, IoT, and big data are examples of cutting-edge technology.

  • Expertise in developing software in accordance with HIPAA, GAMP, FDA, and GLBA.

Our Development Skills

Our Node.js Development Code Quality Practices

  • According to the Node.js style guide.

  • Making names for code variables that are descriptive.

  • Commenting on what certain code functions and methods perform.

  • In final README file, document what the code does and what its dependencies are.

  • Organizing code into small, focused pieces.

  • Framework APIs and third-party libraries are used.

  • Unit tests are included.

  • Maintaining code portability.

  • Version control is used.

  • Using lint removal tools (ESLint, SonarQube .).

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