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Our SharePoint support and maintenance services are designed to ensure the smooth operation of SharePoint solutions and to enable users to effectively perform their business tasks.

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SharePoint support

Support Services We Offer

We offer all-inclusive support of your on-premises, cloud or hybrid SharePoint solutions.

Providing Technical SharePoint Support On-Demand

When your SharePoint solution experiences functional issues, TECI identifies the root causes and restores the platform’s smooth performance. We prioritize the most critical cases and, depending on their severity, resolve them within 8-16 business hours to avoid disrupting business processes and allowing users to carry on with their normal activities.

Support for Managing Azure Services

We manage your Azure cloud services so that your company can concentrate on its core business activities. Our services include:

  • Selling licenses at a price advantage.
  • Providing consolidated billing (one bill for Azure licensing and TECI’s services).
  • Administering accounts (configuring account settings, alarms and notifications, handling subscription-related requests).
  • Managing licenses (obtaining new licenses, altering subscription plans, billing).

Ongoing maintenance for SharePoint

Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of your SharePoint solutions by:

  • Ongoing system updates with service and feature packs to ensure flawless performance and expand development capabilities.
  • Conducting security audits and applying security patches to protect your workflows. We can monitor your SharePoint environment, identify performance and security gaps, and resolve them quickly with our SharePoint Health Check Service.
  • Improving the integration of SharePoint solutions with other enterprise systems (CRM, LMS, HRM,ERP,  etc.).

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